TMJ Treatments

Tired of the popping and pain of TMJ? Take control through natural TMJ treatments offered by Dr. Charles Findlay and the team at Findlay Chiropractic in Lincoln, NE.

Chiropractic Treatment for TMJ

Back pain, neck pain, headaches – these are commonly treated by chiropractors. Did you know, though, that chiropractors can also treat TMJ? This may seem odd, but it’s true. Below, Dr. Findlay and the team at Findlay Chiropractic in Lincoln, NE, discuss TMJ and chiropractic TMJ treatments.

Understanding TMJ

Between the skull and the lower jaw bone sits a joint called the temporomandibular joint. There are also four muscles that are responsible for moving the jaw bone, nerves, and ligaments that help stabilize the joint.

TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) – more commonly referred to as TMJ – is a term used to describe various symptoms that affect these various components. These symptoms typically include jaw pain, pain while chewing, headaches, migraines, popping or clicking of the jaw, earaches, and more. Sometimes, they make it difficult to open your mouth.

Like many musculoskeletal injuries, there is not one single cause of such symptoms. They can be due to arthritis, jaw injuries, grinding your teeth, overuse of the jaw such as when you chew excessively, nail-biting, or holding the jaw open for long periods, such as during dental visits.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Relieve TMJ?

TMJ is a condition of the musculoskeletal system – the system that chiropractors specialize in treating. Therefore, they have various treatment techniques that can be effective in treating TMJ.

Adjustments to the TM joint are typically a key component. Like every other area of the body, if a misalignment is present in the jaw, it is likely the root cause of your symptoms.

In addition to restoring alignment, chiropractors will utilize various soft tissue techniques, including massage therapy. These techniques can help relieve tension, improve blood flow, release trigger points, restore range of motion, and more depending on your needs.

Your chiropractor will also provide recommendations for building good habits that can help provide relief, and work with you to break habits that are triggering your pain. Depending on your habits, this might include anything from chewing softer foods to avoiding chewing on specific items or your nails. They’ll also provide guidance for things such as using moist heat to relieve discomfort as your body heals.

If you’re suffering from TMJ pain and other symptoms, let Dr. Findlay and the team at Findlay Chiropractic in Lincoln, NE, determine the best TMJ treatments for your needs. Call (402) 489-8222 to schedule your appointment today.

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