Headache Relief

According to a healthcare survey conducted in 2018 by the National Health Interview, nearly 1 in 6 Americans report having had a headache or migraine during the three months prior to the survey. If you suffer from acute or chronic headaches and live in the greater Lincoln, NE, vicinity, Dr. Charles Findlay of Findlay Chiropractic can play an integral role in offering headache relief – especially for specific types of headaches.

How do Chiropractors Provide Headache Relief?

Chiropractic techniques often play a pivotal role in helping to alleviate (with the objective of preventing) the symptomatic pain from the following types of headaches -

Tension Headaches

The most common type of headache is often the result of stress and related muscle tension. Chiropractors offer various techniques to help reduce the disruptive symptoms of headaches by providing spinal manipulations, complementary soft-tissue therapies, and lifestyle and posture guidance that helps to treat the underlying musculoskeletal imbalances. These techniques help to reduce neck, shoulder, and upper back tension – which has the potential to contribute to or trigger a tension headache.

Migraine Headaches

The specific or root cause of migraines is still not completely understood by researchers; however, many believe it is caused by a combination of various factors, which may include vascular or neurological changes. Patients who suffer from migraines often find relief (or reduce symptoms) after receiving an adjustment or treatment.

Cervicogenic Headaches

Cervicogenic is the type of headache triggered by structural issues in the neck – which might include muscle tension or joint misalignment/dysfunction. Manipulations and other chiropractic techniques - mobilizations and cervical spine therapeutic exercises can help with headache relief of pain as well as improve joint function.

Headaches Created by Poor Posture & Ergonomics

Poor posture can, unfortunately, contribute to the development of certain types of headaches. Chiropractors are skilled and adept at education and guidance regarding how to use ergonomics to create better postures. This should help reduce neck and upper back strain, helping to avoid the trigger of a headache.

Chiropractic Treatment Offers Headache Relief

It is essential to note that chiropractors can help with both symptoms and the treatment of underlying conditions causing headaches, pain, and discomfort. After a comprehensive exam, Dr. Findlay, using diversified and Activator techniques, can help you manage the headache and any other conditions that may be coexisting.

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